Welcome to my Photography Classroom! These Classes are set up for you to meet Online with me or you can just watch a Recorded Class video which is a self paced Class and both have Assignments as well! And we would set up Dates and Times for the Online live Classes. Whichever way works best for you! And there are 2 Series that you can choose from, also all Classes have Handouts and Assignments and we will have a Critique Class to go over all of the Assignments with your Images in the Series. Also all Elective Classes can be purchased individually instead of taking a Series if you want just the specific subject to learn. And there are assignments for all of the Electives as well. Please email me with any questions: 

Prices for the Series are $220.00

Prices for the Electives are $80.00

5 Weeks Online Digital Photo 1 Beginners Series

Class 1 Taking Better Pict's

Class 2 Compositions

Class 3 Digital Workflow/Image Management

Class 4 Your chosen Elective Class!

Class 5 Photo Editing

5 Week Online Digital Photo 2 Intermediate Series 

Class 1 Intermediate Class

Class 2 Compositional Styles

Class 3 Special Effects with your Digital Camera

Class 4 Your chosen Elective Class!

Class 5 Your chosen Elective Class!



Taking Better Picts

Intermediate Class


Compositional Styles

Reflections in Photography

Digital Workflow/Image Management

Sports Photography

Photoshop Elements

Panoramic Photography

Macro/Close Up 



Special Effects

Still Life Photography

Smartphone Photography

Outdoor Photography

Garden Photography